Mallorca’s Culinary Renaissance: A Celebration of Michelin Stars

Over the past twenty years, Mallorca has evolved from being known primarily for its awe-inspiring landscapes and luxurious resorts to becoming a gastronomic paradise. The island’s culinary journey, transitioning from standard tourist fare to globally-acclaimed cuisine, is nothing short of remarkable.

This transformation is palpable in the rise of Mallorquin restaurants that champion local ingredients: freshly caught fish, succulent lamb and pork, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and even the unique wines crafted on the island. The harmonious melding of these ingredients with Mallorca’s historic food traditions has been recognized and celebrated by the revered Michelin Guide.

This year, an impressive count of 11 Michelin Stars and 2 Bib Gourmands were bestowed upon Mallorcan restaurants, signalling the island’s prominence on the global culinary map.

Among the star-studded winners:

  • Bens d’Avall, Sóller: A 50-year culinary legacy passed from father to son. Its breathtaking location and commitment to local produce, cultivated in their cliff terrace garden, are both captivating.
  • Dins by Santi Taura, Palma: A culinary genius who chooses not to reinvent but to revisit and represent dishes from Mallorca’s rich gastronomic past.
  • Andreu Genestra: Recognized not only for its culinary brilliance but also for its sustainable practices, earning a coveted green Michelin star.
  • Marc Fosh, Palma: Not only is he Spain’s first British chef to win a Michelin Star, but his restaurants, including the acclaimed Sa Pleta, epitomize gourmet excellence.
  • Adrián Quetglas, Palma: This globetrotter chef, with roots in Buenos Aires and Mallorca, brings to the table nostalgic family meals, each with an avant-garde twist.
  • Es Fum: Head Chef Miguel Navarro combines Mallorca’s best with the Mediterranean’s finest to create a tantalizing culinary experience.
  • Maca de Castro, Port de Alcudia: Maca’s deep-rooted passion for Mallorcan cuisine and local ingredients shines in every dish.
  • Voro: Two Michelin stars under the leadership of Chef Álvaro Salazar, a testament to its Mediterranean-rooted, innovative cuisine.
  • Zaranda: Chef Fernando Arellano’s brilliance has once again earned a Michelin star in its new location, the prestigious Es Princep Hotel.
  • Fusion 19: A blend of inspirations from Japan, Latin America, and Mallorca, brought to life by Chef Javier Hoebeek.

Mallorca’s culinary scene is further enriched by the restaurants that earned the Bib Gourmand, which hints at their potential Michelin stardom in the future: Miceli, by Marga Coll, a family-run restaurant that boasts of traditional Mallorcan cuisine with a contemporary flair, and Can Boqueta by Kiko Martorell, where innovative takes on Mallorcan classics are the order of the day.

In conclusion, a heartfelt salute to the culinary maestros of Mallorca and their teams. Their commitment, innovation, and passion have firmly established Mallorca as a gastronomic wonder on the global map. Cheers to the island’s 11 shining Michelin Stars!

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