Rent a Yacht in Mallorca

If you’re looking to rent a yacht in Mallorca, you’re not alone. Over the years, Mallorca has grown into one of the world’s premier yachting destinations, with over 50 yacht marinas located around this stunning Mediterranean island. What attracts so many people to this marine paradise? It may be the ideal weather, the clear azure water of the Balearic Promontory, or the friendliness of the locals. Could it be the luxurious ports and incredible nightlife that make this region so exciting to explore? In fact, it’s all of this and a lot more. Mallorca is the perfect place to experience the thrilling adventure of yachting, whether it’s your first time or your hundredth. 

rent a yacht mallorca

Why rent a yacht in Mallorca

As the biggest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca offers the most options for yacht charters. This means you have a wide range of choices to help you find the right craft at the right price for your needs. The capital, Palma de Mallorca, alone, hosts over 2000 berths for yachts of all sizes. You have your pick of anchorages, from luxurious, full-service marinas to simply weighing anchors in a secluded bay far away from it all.

Frequent flights to Mallorca make it easy to reach from all over Europe. It’s also centrally located, so it’s the perfect place to charter a yacht and then travel northeast to beautiful Menorca or southwest to Ibiza and Formentera. Of course, you can hit all the beautiful stops on the way. 

Couples who desire a romantic getaway can charter a small yacht for two and cruise off to find some of the most idyllic locations in the Mediterranean. Families can take a step up with multi-cabin yachts that let them explore the over 340 miles (550 km) of Mallorca’s coastline, full of beautiful bays and over 250 beaches. Large groups looking for an incredible experience can hire large, multi-cabin yachts with dazzling luxury, letting them host unforgettable parties in the privacy of the open sea.

rent a yacht mallorca

Highlights of Mallorca yachting

Renting a yacht in Mallorca helps to create lasting memories as you sail around this idyllic Mediterranean location. The options you can choose from are far too plentiful to list comprehensively, but some of the highlights you shouldn’t dare to miss are right here.

North Coast

The entire stretch of 56 miles (90 km) of coastline from Mallorca’s northern tip at Cap Formentor down to Sa Dragonera (Dragon Island) is spectacular. Rugged cliffs tower above the sea, interspersed with hidden bays and delightful beaches. This route is not to be missed.

Cala Santanyi

The inlet of Cala Santanyi is one of Mallorca’s most charming and certainly one of the most beautiful. With crystal-clear water and a powdery beach, it is a great place to snorkel, swim, and relax in the sun.


The island of Cabrera, just 12 nautical miles away from the south coast of Mallorca, is a rugged gem. Windswept and remote, it has served as both an outpost for pirates and for Napoleonic prisoners of war. Visit the island’s castle, Castell de Cabrera, or simply circumnavigate it to explore its beauty. As most of the island is part of a national marine park, you’ll need a permit to sail here.

How to rent a yacht in Mallorca

With dozens of charter operations around the island, you have lots of options to rent a yacht in Mallorca. To charter a yacht, follow these steps.

  • Choose dates: The summer season from May to September is an ideal time to pilot your craft as the weather and winds make for excellent conditions. The winter season is cooler but certainly no less beautiful. 
  • Plan an itinerary: Consider the places you want to visit and the length of time you want to spend away. This will help you determine the number of days you’ll rent.
  • Pick a yacht: Select a yacht based on the number of people who will come aboard and sleep in her cabins. You’ll also be able to select extra luxury if you want your guests to experience absolute splendor on board.
  • Select a charter service: Look for a reputable and experienced company, like Mallorca Marine Group based in Puerto Portals, that can offer great deals and unforgettable yacht rental service. 

Yachting in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the world’s premier yachting locations because of its beauty, great weather, and versatility. No matter what you’re looking for from your yacht charter, Mallorca is one of those places in the world that truly has something for every taste. Prepare to make lasting memories with a yachting adventure beyond all expectations.


  • What kind of yacht is best for touring the Balearic Islands?

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway for you and your partner, something small and luxurious will fit the bill. Family island hopping will require a larger craft with multiple cabins. For the ultimate party experience for a group of ten or more, you’ll want to consider a multi-cabin yacht with all the bells and whistles.

  • How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Mallorca?

The price varies with the size of yacht you want, the season, and the length of your rental. A small yacht can be chartered for about €1500 per day ($1500), and you’ll typically get a better rate for a week’s rental. If you want to charter a large, luxurious craft, it might cost €10,000 per day ($9200).

  • When is the best time of year to visit Mallorca?

The best time to visit Mallorca depends on your preferences. Spring and Autumn are mild, with daytime temperatures in the high 20°C. The summer sailing season is hotter and dry from May to September, with average highs of 30°C. November can be slightly rainier, with an average of six days of rain per month. With January days hitting the high 15°C, Mallorca is an ideal destination for a winter escape.

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